Monday, 15 December 2008


Monday morning again. I am very bored. No work although i consider myself lucky to be sat here doing nothing. I am the only person in an office of about 100 people who is not on the staff and therefore i would be the easiest to sack. No redundancy money would be owed. So if they want me to sit around waiting for work I will.

The weekend was boring. A nice boring. I didn't dress much. I didn't chat online much.

Julie's mom came round for dinner on Sunday and got drunk. I didn't wear shorts or anything frilly after what happened last time.

Julie and i haven't had sexual contact for a few days.


julie said...

just had a look at ur page today still have nt found the key u have to send me some pictures later

Rose said...

Hmmmm. What key would that be? hehe