Friday, 1 August 2008


i thought i might have had to cook dinner last night, but No1 son volunteered. It was ok, but he has not had enough practice with the italian sauce and Mistress said it was a little bland. we were still grateful, however, that he had taken the time.

I have been wearing my cage (under instruction from Mistress) when i get home from work for the past few days and have on most of those occasions been made to sleep in it without release. Last night, however, Mistress let me out so She could watch me play with myself. i was lucky enough to be asked, beforehand, to perform oral sex on Her although She was very in control and i was made to kiss Her panties for what seemed like ages before She would allow my tongue to venture any further. it was wonderful agony. She turned over and Her pantied bottom was presented for me to kiss. This worship of Her beautiful body must have taken an hour. i asked Her if i may be allowed out to play with myself and She allowed it. I lay on my back and She unlocked me and i took off the CB3000. I left the ring on because it means i can stay hard for up to 1 1/2 hrs if i need to. it took about two minutes for me to cum.

It was the thought seeing Mistress earlier in Her bra and panties, chatting on the webcam to nobody in particular. And the knowledge that Mistress will probably want me locked up all weekend.

I am really looking forward to having my toenails painted this weekend by Mistress and daughter.

Mistress says She hasn't heard from jean (her cd friend whom She thinks fancies me) or indeed Master Stephen (our escort for the BBB) and it's two weeks until we go there. Mistress hasn't mentioned much about it. I will just go with the flow.

Mistress txtd me at work today to tell me my Gloria Vanderbilt perfume had arrived. No i really cannot wait to get home, bath and shave and change into something nice. I haven't been told to cage myself when i get home, although Mistress does like to txt me at 5pm when She is on Her break and sometimes She likes to ensure that i am wearing it when i pick Her up from work at 7.30pm. so i guess i will wait and see. It's like the old days when i used to wear it for days on end and the strange thing is, i think it is right and proper. Sometimes i welcome the order to lock my cockette up. Of course it gets frustrating. But that is the idea.

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