Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Frustrated Again

i spent last night on cam again. All perfumed and frilly and well behaved and polite. Earlier, Mistress had asked my if i wanted to put my cockette inside Her and i was looking forward to that. I hadn't been locked up and everytime i squeezed my thighs together it made me feel fuzzy and warm like when one climbed ropes as a boy and get the same feeling with legs wrapped tight around the rope. Yummy.

Mistress took over later on and spent a while chatting to the people in the transgender rooms.

In bed She masturbated me whilst She touched Herself. Telling me i was not going to have sex with Her and discussing the merits of piercing my nipples and belly button. She used Her nails harshly on my cockette and it hurt nice. Once again my semen remained outside of Her.

Only 11 days to go to the Brum Bazarre. I must remember to ask Mistress if She has spoken to jean since we last discussed her to remind jean of etiquette when with Mistress and under no circumstances to appear pushy. Mistress and i also discussed whether i should have a tattoo done across the small of my back. very small, but saying "Property of Mistress Julie" . I mentioned that there would almost certainly be a tattoo artist at the Bazarre.

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