Saturday, 30 August 2008

Blondes have more fun

Last night i went on webcam wearing a wig and makeup. The wig Mistress had bought me was a cheap blonde curly one and while She was buying it daughter, who was shopping with Her at the time, asked if that was for dad. Mistress said no it was for Her for a fancy dress party.

Anyways, it was with great trepidation that i turned my cam on and set the preferences to allow anyone to watch. Soon there were a dozen or so viewers. Some were surprised to see my smiling face but the greatest surprise was the fact that they actually didn't howl with derision. Some of them actually said i looked nice. It seemed that almost everyone who viewed was either kind enough not to say how bad i looked, or they said i looked nice. After a couple of hours i even began to believe them.

Now this morning as i write this i am wishing the day away. Waiting for the night. So i can show my face again. I am tempted to go on cam and just do the usual bodyshot for an hour or so. Especially since i have just bathed and shaved all over and i smell nice and it wouldn't do any harm, it would keep me out of the way of Mistress whilst She is doing Her domestic Goddess routine , madly dashing through the house sweeping up all before Her.

Usually, in yahoo, i chat in the transgender rooms. I used to chat in the adult rooms , specifically fetish room because they were more specifically targeted towards a particular niche. I used to like going in the feminization rooms. There is such a huge difference between feminization and changing sex. For a start, women and men can be femininzed ; moved along the sissyscale away from blue and towards pink. I see women everywhere who are not feminine. I see men who smile and gesture and act with simple acts of femininity which cannot be attributed to their sexuality. They are just acts of pink.

Then i see acts of blue. Masculine gestures, attitudes, acts made all the more abhorrent because they are perpretrated by either a female, or someone who aspires to be, who gets turned on by wearing lingerie or who seeks narcissistic pleasure from cultivating their breasts.

Femininity should be embraced. It should be allowed to blossom and grow. Feminity is not obtained under the surgeons knife. It's already in all of us. In our empthathy and patience. In our diplomacy and discipline. In caring and wondering and hoping.

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