Monday, 11 August 2008


Another weekend came and went. Really nothing much to report. Nothing interesting anyway.
I spent too long on yahoo chat. Not enough time with Mistress, although She never complains. I was in chastity for the majority of the weekend and did not feel that it was a burden. My erection woke me up early on Saturday morning and it was extremely uncomfortable so i asked Mistress to release me so that i could sleep comfortably for another few hopurs which She was kind enough to do and then after waking up and showering i put the CB3000 back on. What a good sissy.

We did intend to drive to Birmingham to see if we could find parking for next Sunday's fetich market but time just flew by too quickly and so we watched a Carry On film instead. Yet to hear from jean about the event so we will play it by ear, although i would be very surprised if she does not contact either myself or Mistress before the weekend. It appears that i will be dressed normally for the event, as per Mistress' wish. I will of course be in panties and chastity.

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