Monday, 4 August 2008

Dear Mistress

I know you like to read my blog on mondays. This is just to say i love you and thank you for the caning last night it really hurt but doesn't anymore but i will behave and do anything you want if it means that pain can be avoided. Even though i am turned on thinking about it. And thank you for the chastity. I am about to come to bed with you Mistress. It reminds me you are boss. sometimes i think i am in control. and then you do something and i am not and i shouldn't be. i love you. I love being your sissy bitch. Please make me exactly what you want. xxx
ps i am reading my blog and getting big and now i want to watch the multilayered sissymaker.


Rose said...

i thought i would leave a comment it was lovely to read and i hope u get more comments it a shame we cant see if any one is reading your blog

Anonymous said...

i like ur bloog it was very interesting and i look forward to next week installment