Thursday, 7 August 2008


i smell so girlyfied. Sat here at work, very early. I slept in my cb3000 again last night. It seems Mistress would rather i didn't use my cockette just lately. I had an argument with the dutchman and have decided that he is too much like hard work. Haven't told Mistress yet but She will find out soon enough anyway when he continues to send Her whining emails.

Getting nervous about the Bazarre now. Not really sure that Mistress wants to go. She has not mentioned it for a fortnight except when we talking about getting me pierced or tattooed.

i just don't want to appear pushy so i have to find "sub space" and stay there for long periods. Accepting my place. Accepting my chastity and my increased femininity. Working at my desk, with my legs squeezed together like a horny secretary. Wishing i was still in chastity because i really want to touch myself. God i cannot wait to get home already and i have only been here one hour.

I am currently mulling over a new feminization hypnosis file and will ask Mistress if She would be kind enough to pose with me for a few relevant pics and vids. And also if She voice some new truisms. yummy.

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