Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Old Switcheroo

The dynamics of a sub / dom relationship. What happens when the submissive says no?

Mistress phoned me this morning. She had read my latest entry and said She had no idea i was so sad, and was it Her fault? I was vague with Her. Not really expanding on what i had written earlier. She later txtd me and asked me whether Mr A had enjoyed the wedding he went to over the weekend with some from the office. I told Her he had said that he nearly hit one of the office girls' bf because they were being oafish. Mistress got confused and thought i meant he was close to hitting the office girl. I explained to Her that he wouldn't do that and bf meant boyfriend. I want on to say that, however, i would not hesitate to hit a girl and txt "bend over naughty missy". She wrote back asking if I meant Her and said of course. Then She said something which took me aback.

Tonight? Hand spanking only? On cam?

Well Ok then.

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