Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday !

It's Friday !. Always a good reason to be cheerful. Had a nice evening yesterday chatting on yahoo. Not too many bad vibes, which makes a change. It's not easy being a sissy sometimes.

Mistress has txtd me to say that She has got me some flat leopard skin shoes for sunday. my pole dancing shoes are far too high to be worn practically and She was concerned that i might stand out. i think She may be in for a few surprises.

I told Her i was nervous and excited about Sunday. ( i must speak to jean very soon to let her know what i will be wearing).

I think buying shoes for Her sissy has made Mistress frisky as She has been txting me telling me how naughty i was last night, even thoug i wasn't, and how i deserved a spanking tonight. i am such a brat because i cannot wait to feel that cane.

So on Sunday i will be wearing pink and white skin tight t-shirt. black fishnet tights and denim shorts, with leopard skin flats. i will wear my bracelet and will probably be wearing my cb3000 too. i will such a proud sissy to be seen with Mistress J.

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