Monday, 4 August 2008


I was just wondering what Mistress would think if i told Her i wanted to be back on the pill. i guess i will find out next week when She reads another week's installments. It's just that a i really do feel more femme and i am not sure if it was the hormones or just the increasingly feminine regime i am living under.
I txtd Mistress before She left for work to ask if i may be allowed to masturbate when i got home. I suppose i could have just done it without letting Her know, but that defeats the object, i have always to be honest with Her about my feelings. She said i could but that i was to put my cage on afterwards. At some point i will have to wear it at work too because in my heart of hearts i know i should not be masturbating at all and even now i am beginning to feel guilty about wanting to do it. But i will have to put the cage on anyway and that could mean not touching my cockette until tomorrow morning.

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