Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Calvin Klein Boxers

Last night I spent on cam on yahoo but not en femme. Mistress didn't mind. She was not being distant with me. She never got her spanking as agreed, but we did make love for a couple of hours - (she complained of being sore this morning). It still amazes me how long a good cock ring can make me last and last night i was priapic in the extreme.

This morning when i came to get dressed i noticed She had put some Calvin Klein boxers out for me. It felt really weird wearing them, and i mentioned to Mistress that She'd put them out and that i was wearing them. She said She didn't know what to do for the best so She put out boxers.

I told Her i would have preferred panties and I went and sorted myself some out. Then i undressed in front of Her and pulled on the panties. See through pink with white lace trim.

Mistress smiled and told me She really does prefer me in panties and i felt ashamed to have once again made myself look foolish by pretending that i was not a sissy. We spoke about the cage. I felt that maybe it was that control aspect that i may have been more rebelling against.

We agreed that we should find someone else to wear it and they will be mine, not Mistress's. I want my own sissy pet. I think i have a lot to offer the right trainee.
Before i left for work i could not resist standing in front of Mistress and pulling out my soft little cockette from within it's snug, silky confines. She popped it in Her mouth and swirled Her tongue around it a few times before pulling away with a soft slurp and telling me get my ass off to work.

And i have come to the conclusion that i should keep myself to myself when in chat if i am to be rose. Answer no more questions about myself or Mistress because it is here in this blog for all to see. I shall just be as vaccuous as is expected of someone like me.

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