Friday, 22 August 2008


I feel silly now. Mistress phoned me to see if i was ok because i had written here earlier that i was crying and She had read it and worried. I told Her i was ok and not to take any notice. She knows what i am like.

At lunchtime She texted me to tell me She was just starting work and would probably not be able to txt me during Her break because of it being at a weird time. I was relieved because it meant She would not be able to instruct me to wear the cb3000.

Then She texted me again to tell me to put it on after i had bathed this afternoon. Damn. I cannot disobey. Not this time. Not because the physical punishment will be too severe. No, not that. It's because if i don't do what She says then where do i stand? How can i expect to be indulged as a sissy if i cannot follow simple clear instructions from my Wife. And how much trouble will it be? Did i really want to touch myself so bad the other night that it was worth saying no to Her?

God. Just do what you're told sissy. Mistress knows best.

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