Friday, 29 August 2008

Hair Today

Mistress txtd me this morning to tell me She is hoping to buy me a wig today, and some false eyelashes and some new stockings. I'll wait to see what transpires because daughter is shopping with her also so there may not be the opportunity to buy a wig.

I need to plan this weekend because if i don't i will find that my own self absorption will result in my neglect of Mistress' training and that would be a waste especially as She has shown an interest in restarting the hypnosis sessions.

We had already decided not to meet up for lunch today because Mr A had told us last week that he was too busy etc, so it came as a surprise when he asked me this morning if we were still going for something to eat today. I told him that Mistress had decided to go shopping instead. I wish he'd make his mind up.

The response to my male persona appearing in yahoo chat the other night has been varied, and in some cases surprising. I've found that some of the people who come across as "tg friendly" or whatever the in vogue term is today really have trouble in understanding that a transvestite is a man.

what an exciting prospect this evening. Doing my cam model thing, only this evening it's possible that i may be in makeup and jewellry and wig. I wonder what style Mistress is looking for. She knows i favour a bob. In my natural colour, blonde.

I hope She remembers tonight is my pill night too.

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