Tuesday, 12 August 2008


I was wondering how Mr A would take the news if i told him i was being feminized. If i were to tell anyone at work it would be him. And that got me thinking about the clues that are evident to anyone who took the time to look. Maybe he knows already. Maybe all my collegues know but Mr A is too polite to mention.

Firstly there is the scent :~ Gloria Vanderbilt. I wear it every day together with a feminine deodorant and feminine talc.
Second there is my eyebrows :~ Plucked but not too thinly, definately noticeable if you look.
Third are my hands :~ Shaved smooth with nails that are growing for the first time ever.
Fourth is my demeanour :~ More subtle this one. But i believe the way i feel inside is changing the way that i interact with people.

I ask myself are these clues enough for someone to think "sissy alert!", but even if they are not, i still think that it's worth putting down where i am and how i look to others. Of course there are other aspects, like my body being smooth all over and my toenails being painted and the panties i wear but these are not visible to the general public.

Mistress txtd me at work to tell me She has bought me some new stockings and now i cannot wait to get home, especially as She has also spoken to the man She buys my cannabis from and he says he will have some tonight so i am looking forward to this evening very much. Also, because She txtd me i suppose i am to expect Her to txt me again at 5pm when She has Her break. In which case i will probably be instructed to put on my CB3000 for the evening. I will ensure i am bathed and shaved and perfumed and chastised for my wonderful Mistress.

Oh. Mistress txtd earlier with instructions to lock myself up. As soon as friend has been with weed She said. He is due in about 30mins. 6pm

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