Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Sexy Mistress

Mistress was a bit frisky last night. She was chatting on cam on yahoo with Her sissy by Her side. She was wearing a lovely see through skimpy ruffled pink top through which Her skin was clearly visible. She looked absolutely gorgeous and was inundated with private messages from ladies and gents.

Martha, Her new online sissy was in the chatroom but seemed most reticent in his dialogue with Her. Hopefully he has the wherewithal to correspond via email with Her as that is Her preferred method of communication. It affords Her time in Her busy day to tend to sissies at Her own pace.

She was accepting cam invites and although some of them were just closeups of penises being played with there were one or two gentlemen who had the good manners to show their faces.

She seemed to enjoy the attention very much, although She was also tired after a very long day.

Only 5 days to go to the brum bazaar now and still no word from jean. Perhaps he feels that he was pushy last time in asking Mistress to take him under Her wing and is now a bit embarrassed to phone again. Although when we met he did not seem the shrinking violet type.

Mistress will be wearing a grey flannel pinafore dress with a white blouse and grey heels and She is still making Her mind up about what i will be wearing. We will, however, arrive at 12.30 so that we can put ourselves in the hands of the meeters and greeters at Nightingales should jean or Master Stephen not be available on the day. Mistress is very much looking forward to it.

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