Sunday, 3 August 2008

Toenails or not toenails

i never had my toenails painted. i guess they were too busy. but was still a wonderful day. Mistress' mother came round and commented that i was getting more like a woman each time She saw me. She was referring to my red seethrough tunic and shaved legs and bracelet and pink slippers i think. Spent all day talking to Mother in Law and even shed a tear at some point when She was talking about Her last hubby passing away. Love to see Mistress talking to Her too.

jean phoned me last night. i was quite drunk and couldn't actually work out why she phoned other than to make absolutely sure we would be at the BBB and to say she had spoken Master S. and he would be glad to oblige and what would i be wearing and i told Him Mistress was thinking of collar and lead with a t-shirt that said Wifes Caged Hubby and jean said he would like a t-shirt too. When ii told Mistress this She was displeased that jean was being a little pushy and expecting some sort of treatment from Mistress. jokingly i asked Mistress if She was jealous because She thinks jean likes me and She made it clear the reason She disliked jeans approach was that it was al jean jean jean. i understood and asked Her to tell jean that in an email before we meet up.

Spent all of today, Sunday, uncaged. I have kept it untouched though and now am on webcam with 11 viewers whom i know not from adam. i hope they enjoy the view of me typing.

Oh yes! Someone offered to fly me and Mistress to the states if i would be his slave for a week. He said money was no problem. i gave him Mistress' email. Mistress did not seem to nonplussed at all.
And i have yet to tell Her about the sissy in the south of france who wants me to stay with him and his sister and his mom.
This evening Mistress said something about No1 son being softened up. She said it wouldn' hurt him.
Mistress caned me late tonight. It really hurt. I cannot remember what i said, but She caned me and then put me in my cage. Thank you Mistress. I love you

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