Thursday, 21 August 2008

Edge Play

Mistress let me get away with so much last night. Firstly She told me to wear my cage and i disobeyed Her. I usually have it on before i pick Her up from work in the early evening - especially if instructed to - but last night i decided to be free for the evening. Mistress took it light heartedly and promised me a caning before bed.

At bedtime i didn't get the caning but we made love for more than an hour and when Mistress woke up this morning She went back to bed, exhausted so i must have done something right.

On yahoo last night i was speaking to a gentleman who turned out to be a bit of a sissy and he told me he wanted me to dominate and punish him. Especially with the cane. I told him there was every possibility of that happening and, if he shows up in chat tonight, he can have my phone number. I did of courese check with Mistress first before confirming that i could be his sissy dom for an evening. It could turn out to be quite cool as i do have a sadistic streak which hardly ever gets let out.

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