Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Return to Hormones

Last night Mistress gave me a pill before we went to sleep. She said i would get one every Monday and every Friday if i want to be on them. I thanked Her and said yes i wanted it very much.

I am so tired this morning. These late nights are taking their toll , i think i need a few early nights. I hope i haven't caught Mr. A's cold. I only shifted one a few weeks ago.

Mistress has next week off work so we intend to have lunch in Birmingham with Mr. A next Thursday. Hopefully he knows a nice place as i have no idea where the best places are in Brum even though i have worked here for 8 years. Mistress says She is looking forward to meeting Mr. A. and i am quite sure that neither She nor he will bring up Her Dominatrix job, especially if She brings daughter along also.

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