Tuesday, 5 August 2008


This sissy never expected to be released last night. As Mistress has agreed, i masturbated, albeit quickly and unfulfillingly, yesterday afternoon. I then showered and shaved and put on my cb3000. After doing my usual webcam slut thing until 11.30pm Mistress took over in the chatrooms and was talking to some of the people i know. Thankfully She didn't see fit to give them another caning demonstration because my backside is still bruised from the last one. (Thank You Mistress). After an hour or so She retired to bed and it was up to me to say the night nights.
I gave Mistress oral sex for a while until She told me to stop and then we cuddled. Then She asked me if i wanted to cum again. i didn't need much persusasion. Thisd time it was much better with Mistress in control. Soft delicate hands hardly touching, then stroking , squeezing, ecstacy. When She finally did let me cum i ejaculated in my face.

Mistress is going to visit Her mother today. It will be interesting to see whether Her mom mentions how i was dressed on Sunday, and what Mistress says if asked. Her mom seemed amused by my red top and shaved legs and perfume and pink slippers, but we had a nice afternoon chatting to her on sunday so whatever she thinks i do'nt think it would be malicious. Only time will tell of course.

Mistress is taking daughter there to spend the night because Mistress was supposed to have a client round on Wednesday morning. The sissy never phoned back though over the weekend so She made arrangements for no reason afterall. At least daughter is looking forward to time with her gran. This sissy was only accommodated because he said he would pay twice the rate because of short notice and how desparate he was. Mistress is not seeing anyone at the moment because of the school holidays, but in September She is resolved to restart Dominating sissies.

It's funny, but I see this new venture of Hers as very much Her thing. And i think it's so cool that She likes to Dominate men and pantify them.

Sometime soon i will write about the dutchman. i will relate how he is coming along now that he has taken the step of pleading to be sissified by Mistress. He even agreed to me having Mistress' executive power over him which means that, techinically, he is my sissy too. That's so sweet. i will try my very best to make him soft and femme and respectful and thoughtful and gentle and scented and lovely and sissified.

Incidentally, i mentioned to Mistress that i had been missing the pill and She told me i was ok as i am right now. Still more femme than i was. So i will not be taking them for the forseeable future. Thing is She is just as likely to pop one in my mouth when i don't expect it. She knows i would not hesitate to swallow.

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