Friday, 8 August 2008

New Sissy

Mistress has an online sissy. i will call him martha. he says he is new to dressing up but he wants Mistress to teach him. Mistress told him he needed to buy panties, either from a shop or online. He was, since Monday, not allowed to masturbate. martha and me have chatted before so it came as a surprise to me when he showed an interest in wanting to be sissified. Last night martha showed Mistress his new panties. Red ones. Very sexy. i will ask him for a picture so i can post it here. martha also asked Mistress if he could masturbate. he was very adamant that he had not touched himself for a few days. Mistress gave him permission and then She went to bed leaving me to look at him masturbating in his new panties. he has strangely beautiful hands. He came and then turned his cam off. he doesn't say a lot but in his case actions definately spoke louder than words.
this morning Mistress and i were talking about martha and i was telling Her that he did cum in his new panties etc, i told Mistress that i would have a wank when i got home this afternoon. She gave me an icy glare and reminded me that i was due to be locked up for the whole weekend. i told Her would try very hard not to do that mannish thing and would gladly put the cb3000 on after i have bathed later today. i had a wicked vision of both me and martha being made to masturbate for Mistress after both being locked up for 1 week. And then both having to re-apply our chastities.
Mistress has read my latest few entries and says She doesn't think i am pathetic and She prefers me to be rose. She also asked me if i had been ok in bed last night because even though we made love i could not achieve climax and She says i was crying a little into my pillow as we went to sleep.
i told Mistress i was fine. Probably just tired. i am looking forward to being as feminine as i can be this weekend.
Mr. A is back in the office today which means we will be enjoying our smokes once more. i wonder if someone will say anything today about how girly i smell. In an almost empty office i leave the scent of vanderbilt perfume everywhere i go. Mr. A might choke to death in the lifts when we go downstairs. It's a subtle perfume that wears off after about 5-6 hrs but i may just have put alittle too much on this morning although Mistress never mentioned if i did.
During one of our smoke breaks Mr. A asked if Mistress' client turned up on Wednesday. i said he didn't and that it would probably be September before She started again. I mentioned to Mr. A about Mistress' new sissy martha though. How She had started a sissy off by getting him to buy his first panties. etc.
i wonder if he suspects that i am a sissy too.

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